Mobile office or residential building "Advantage"

This multifunctional module use both as an office building and a residential building with a total area of 104 m2. It is easy to be transformed for the three-bedroom house with a spacious living room. The building project based on three thousand years old Vedic architecture VASTU SHASTRA principles that contribute to a harmonious and positive energy filled environment.

Facades made of large-format structural - frameless glazing including "Security windows" and "child safety" systems. Glass skylight with automatic window control and opener is integrated in roof construction. Drive motors integrated into the window frame. Buildings can be mounted on temporary pile foundations for further transportation to another land plot.

We also offer a modern design, functional, high quality wooden modular home. Available in both standard and individual projects, these houses are relatively fast to build and, moreover, do not require a long project coordination.

Houses are constructed using only ‘’green’’ wood components, eco woodworking tools and eco insulation. Wooden walls “breathe” and radiates heat, thus the house is healthy and with a pleasant microclimate aura.

Modular home construction is a rational compromise between the need to save money and ensure maximum practicality and comfort in the building. In today’s conditions in many parts of the world these types of buildings are widely used as individual structures (residential houses, garden houses, and summer houses), public buildings (offices, shops, and commercial pavilions) and industrial buildings (garages, warehouses, manufacturing workshops).


Mobile office or residential building "Advantage" Mobile office or residential building "Advantage"

Mobile office or residential building "Advantage" Pārvietojama biroja vai dzīvojamā ēka “Advantage”

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